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Business Documentary Production Rapid reaction news and interviews

The major broadcasters have long had satellite trucks and reporters on standby to cover events. Now businesses can doi the same - using the web!

Our rapid reaction crews can help you make the most of your news and events by uploading it fast. . We capture getting your interviews, corporate video updates, edited and on your website within hours or minutes.

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Video Conference Production
Conferences, events, shows, results, press releases, CEO announcements

We produce edited interviews and event highlights from all types of corporate, business, trade and Government events.

Coverage can be live or edited and uploaded immediately after the event and we can supply excellent presenters if required.

Presenter-led documentary and report formats work well to make these kind of events appealing.

Autocue Prompter hire Autocue & operator

Our Autocue is at your disposal if required for longer presentations.

Corporate video encoding Output to any format

All productions are shot once but can be used many times and for many different distribution models. They ares available in any format, for example:
  •  Broadband webcast
  •  Midband and dial up webcast
  •  LAN
  •  DVD
  •  CD-ROM
  •  Video CD, sVCD
  •  MPEG1, 2 or 4
  •  Real Media, QuickTime & Java
  •  Broadcast, VHS and DV tape
Corporate video archiving Digital archiving

Material captured by our news crews is of broadcast digital quality and this gives you a superb resource for use on disc and LAN either within or outside your organization.
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Corporate video encoding Business TV programmes

Thanks to new production methods, all sizes of company, NGOs and other organisations can now afford bespoke documentary content.

These programmes bring bring personalities, systems, products and developments to life in a way previously impossible outside TV. They also transform websites and render them compelling, entertaining, surprising and informative.

We offer comprehensive range of documentary production methods to suit all budgets.

A mini-programme - for example 'A Day In the Life Of' a chief executive or key manager will bring your company and your people to life and significantly raise your profile for as little as £2000 .

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  •  Planning your production
  •  Script
  •  Production
  •  Post-production
  •  Working within a budget
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